Santana was established in 1976 as a manufacturing textile unit in Thessaloniki. For years Santana was exporting providing 80% of its production all over the world but mostly in Western and Northern Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Scandinavia). A few years later, Santana, became one of the leading export companies in northern Greece.

In 1991, due to changes in market conditions and the shift of global production to low labor cost countries the company focused on importing and marketing famous brands.

In 2012, the company decided to launch a new owned brand “Santana”.

In Santana collections, men are comfortably well–attired for all occasions.

The company presents 2 main collections every year. We try to merge today’s trends with timeless classics in our collections and provide modern, quality and comfortable men’s clothing at affordable prices. Our collections consist of T-shirts, Polos, Shirts, Trousers, Hoodies, Shorts & Pants.


For us, fashion is more than just clothes. It is a lifestyle, a feeling and a sense of pride. This passion permeates all decision we make: creating fashion and clothing that breathes sustainability in both quality and production. The care, knowledge and creativity we put into our collections you can see and feel. Textiles, other raw materials and packaging materials are selected with strict criteria. Multiple qualitative and laboratory tests are done throughout the whole production process to ensure the excellent quality.